The decision to start planning for a family is an exciting one, but that often brings many questions about how to optimize health for both mother and baby. Optimizing health starts during the preconception period, three to six months prior to conception. Current research suggests that decisions made just before and during pregnancy may determine a child’s health and determine long-term risk for a growing number of diseases. During the preconception period, we strive to enhance a woman’s health to optimize fertility outcomes.

Preconception care with Dr. Akehurst may include:

  • addressing and treating underlying health concerns
  • discontinuing hormonal birth control or IUD
  • regulating cycles
  • recommendations for a high quality prenatal vitamin
  • optimizing nutrition
  • managing stress
  • - supporting ovulation
  • decreasing toxic load
  • Basal Body Temperature charting
  • hormone testing
  • preconception laboratory testing